Main Character (step 1/7)

E.g. 'A lonesome cowboy', or 'An arrogant publicist'.
Event (step 2/7)

E.g. 'A shark kills a swimmer' or 'her best friend shoots a man who tried to rape her'
Theme (step 3/7)

E.g. 'to become less selfish', or 'to find purpose in life'.
Story Goal (step 4/7)

E.g. 'to close the beach', or 'to find her son and return him home'
Mid Point Reversal (step 5/7)

E.g. 'the trip to Vegas is aborted', or 'his employer turns out to be his nemesis'.
E.g. 'to venture into the ocean and kill the shark'
Story World (step 6/7)

E.g. 'it is 1920's Paris', or 'it is a world where pigs fly'
Stakes (step 7/7)

E.g. 'the police catches the girls', or 'the shark attacks again'.