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From the founders of Story Architect

Create loglines for your stories in 5 minutes with Logline Creator

The app is suitable for both experienced professionals and those who are just starting out and have no clue of how a logline is written
Automate the process of writing a logline by focusing on the more important details of your story
The app itself will tie all the information together and write the logline as if it was created by a human being
Once the logline is ready, continue writing the story with full immersion in the details using Story Architect
Working with movie scripts, stage plays, audio dramas, comics and novels
Creating multiple series within a single project
Advanced character profile editor and relationship map
Poster generator, AI Assistant and 20+ cool features
Author of the idea and creator of the logline generator mechanics
Karel is one of Australia’s top screenwriters. Not only creates stories himself, but also teaches it.
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Boost your writing confidence with Karel’s course
All you need is a computer and 22 mins a day. We’ll show you how to access professional software, and you’ll learn the skills to write your story in the industry standard format — fast.
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Identify Great Scripts
Learn to intuitively understand what a great professional screenplay looks like, by assimilating the greatest scripts.
Master Proper Format
Develop the muscle memory of writing in industry screenplay format, through daily practice with the masters.
Learn Visual Description
Acquire the talent to translate visual ideas into the written word, by reverse engineering scenes in various genres.
Articulate Story Structure
Develop the analytical skills to edit and improve your own work structurally, through writing effective synopses.
Create your logline in 5 min right now
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