Hey folks,

The next version of Starc is ready and its a great day to publish it.

What's included in Story Architect 0.0.5:
- drastically improved ‘undo and redo’ of the last action in the script editor;
- improved cursor positioning when undoing/redoing the last action;
- added the ability to reply to the editor's comments in review mode (double-click on the comment);
- editorial notes were improved and the text now fits the note, even if the selected text has different formatting;
- fixed a lot of bugs for folders editing;
- the problem with displaying the correct time spent for folders has been fixed;
- the script editor speed has been optimized (2x faster now);
- the speed of switching between different scripts within one project has become 5x higher;
- fixed a glitch with scrolling the script to the previous scene if the formatting of "time and place" has been modified;
- fixed the problem with correcting the text at the page break;
- added a tagline field to the script document;
- fixed an issue with the script navigator – it is now updating correctly during editing and adding editorial notes and when splitting/joining scenes;
- fixed an issue with applying formatting to the text with different formats;
- when adding editorial notes, the color of the note text now contrasts with the background to improve readability;
- lots of other little things leading the app to crash were fixed as well, plus a bit of usability and interface tweaking here and there to make the program look more coherent and easier to use.

There's more! I now plan to switch to monthly updates so will tell you about what's in the next release in a month

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