Hey guys, Story Architect 0.1.4 is out now! We are happy to share all the features included in this update.

By the way, are there any authors creating audio plays? We have great news for you — starting with this release, STARC gives you an opportunity to work on audio plays! 

The module allows you to:
- create an unlimited number of audio plays;
- create title page;
- work with the synopsis;
- work with the text of the script;
- evaluate the script's timing in words per minute (you can customize the timing counter metrics as well);
- Get summary statistics of the script.

Moreover, the audio plays module has many features similar to other modules:
- the ability to set scene colors;
- text reviewing;
- adding bookmarks to the script text;
- exporting script text in PDF and DOCX formats.

As you see, the number of modules constantly increases (yay!). You might not need all of them, so we’ve created a special option to deactivate unused modules.

Adapting STARC for your needs is easy now!

There are a few other features and improvements you might like:
- You can now create custom templates for simple text documents and comics;
- Improved display of bookmarks in the list;
- We’ve improved responsiveness of text box action icons;
- Text hints inside the text editor are now painted with a different color;
 ⁃ We’ve slightly improved the app dialog;
- Fixed an issue when switching on/off spell checker (also fixed app freezing when switching on spell checker);
- Fixed an issue with app crash when calling the context menu for words with spelling errors;
- Fixed an issue with text corrections on page breaks;
- Fixed the display of the treatment in the project structure after the import of the script;
- Fixed an issue with splitting the scene into several scenes;
- Fixed an issue with jumping focus of the active button in dialog windows.

Are you ready to check it out? :)

We’re so grateful to all our users! Thank you all, together we will make STARC the most useful and likeable :) Additional thanks for the ideas, comments and bug reports! It really motivates us make the app even better.

We’ll be uploading new versions as soon as possible and try to publish new release twice a month, so stay tuned!

Wishing you all inspiration and productivity,

Your STARC team

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