Welcome back to our blog about Story Architect updates!

Today we're publishing a new version of Story Architect 0.1.6, which is the last one for 0.1 chapter and includes all free modules planned for implementation!

Stage plays

Starting from this update, you can work not only on scripts for movies, comics and audio plays but also on stage plays! 

In general, the way of working with them remains the same as long as you're used to working on scripts. The main difference is the formatting of the stage play and the set of tools needed for this module.

Poster generator

Just imagine – you open the app ready for the next writing session, and the first thing you see on the main screen are the posters of your stories!  We’ve created Poster Generator so you can easily add memorable covers to your story. Keep being motivated and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of your narrative.

To use the poster generator open your story settings and right-click on the area designated for the poster. In the appearing menu you'll find "Generate" action, which will give you access to the poster generator.

Here you can adjust the text of the future poster and choose a background image from the enormous image library of, or upload a picture manually.

Once you customize the poster, you can keep using it with your project and also save it as an image if you want to share it with friends or print it for an upcoming premiere :)

Right-to-left adaptation of the interface 

Another big step in version 0.1.6 is the complete adaptation of the interface for languages that work with right to left script.

This was a very big and important step to support many authors who use non-western writing systems.

Other improvements

Of course, we didn't stop fixing the bugs that you helped us to find! Here’s the list of improvements we’ve made:  
- Now you can create custom design templates for the text of the comics;
- A watermark when exporting to PDF is now added as an image instead of text;
- Improved pasting small text paragraphs from the clipboard into the script text;
- Fixed a bug when pasting text into a sequence / scene heading from the clipboard;
- Fixed an issue with moving projects on the start page in some cases;
- Fixed an issue with updating the project poster on the start page;
- Fixed an issue with cursor jumps when adding bits in the treatment editor;
- Fixed an issue with importing formatted script text from FDX files;
- Fixed an issue with exporting the last paragraph of text to DOCX;
- Fixed an issue with adding multiple comments to an editorial note in a row;
- Fixed an issue with applying some settings for the audio play editor;
- Fixed an issue with finding and updating character names in the audio play;
- Fixed an issue with interface translation in the editor notes panel;
- Fixed an issue with the rendering of click decorations on tabs;
- Fixed an issue with the color of the ‘add avatar’ icon in the personal account.

What's next?

The next release won’t have any new features (though we'll try). Instead, we’ll focus on massive bug fixes. And after that we'll start working on a cloud service so the co-authors will be able to work together in real time. Moreover, we’ll be working on a mobile version of the app and a platform to promote your projects.

Once again, I’d like to thank everyone for the kind words and feedback! This motivates and encourages us to keep going. Thank you, friends!

See you soon!

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