Hi friends!

Happy new update to you! Today we're releasing Story Architect version 0.3.1, which got a little better for you!

The main direction that will go through version 0.3 will be the expansion of story world development capabilities.

Character Profile

Oh yes! Now you can compile a dossier for each of your characters in a convenient (and of course beautiful) way.

The program will help you look at a character from all angles, dive deeper into his/her own story, and think about his/her goals, actions, and reasons.

And another nice bonus is that now you can add more atmospheric reference photos.

Welcoming New Users

The number of authors using STARC is growing rapidly, so we decided to update the first run of the app to improve the user experience and ease the first steps of getting used to the app.

Help Center

But writing code wasn't the only thing we were doing all this time!

We finally created and started filling out the help section on our site, and made a working button on the project list screen in the application itself. Now at any time, you can open our help center and read one of our articles.

What else

Well of course we have fixed bugs and made some improvements in the new version!
- support for emoji, both in text editors and in text fields (comments, titles, etc.) is added;
- user experience while working with frame titles in comics when using Tab & Enter buttons us improved;
- look of review panel is changed (divider between items for adding note and choosing its color is added)
- size of application is reduced by removing additional/unnecessary fonts from it (now they will be loaded during work only if they are needed)
- an app crash on canceling last action in some cases is fixed;
- an issue with navigator hide button size when zooming interface elements in settings is fixed;
- an issue with naming new projects is fixed;
- indentation parameters for lyrics in US template is fixed;
- problem with exporting scene numbers in the storybook is fixed
- an issue with extra blank lines when exporting a stage book is fixed;
- a crash when deleting beats in the beat sheet is fixed;
- an issue with displaying scene titles at the end of the page in the storybook is fixed;
- a crash after changing the order of cards/scenes in the script navigator is fixed;
- an issue with displaying an incorrect number of panels in a comic book after it is loaded is fixed;
- an issue with text input in the title of a comic strip panel is fixed;
- an issue with the appearance of the text field breaking, if you do undo the last action in an empty field, is fixed;
- an issue with using the spell checker dictionary right after loading it is fixed;
- a work of a color picker for macOS & Windows is fixed.

That's how this update turned out :)

Download it, try it out and feel free to share your impression with us! Your emails and messages are the best motivation for us!

See you soon!

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