Hey gang!

Story Architect 0.3.2 update with an expanded location profile and the ability to create image galleries is coming at you!

Expanded Location Editor

As we wrote earlier, updates to the 0.3.X version of the app will be focused on improving the LOR's crafting capabilities. That's why today we are pleased to introduce you to an expanded location editor.

It includes the ability to set several pictures of the place where the action of your story takes place, as well as lists of features, working on which you will be able to set the atmosphere of the place and get a better feel for it.

Image Gallery

Another new feature is the ability to add image galleries of any sort to your projects.

You can add images to the gallery either from files on your computer, or by dragging and dropping images from the internet.

Besides, we have improved the photo previewer. Now you can control it not only with the mouse, but also with the keyboard! You can move from one photo to another using any method convenient for you: with arrow keys, or with the spacebar and backspace, and you can always close the preview with Escape.


Cards have not been neglected either!


In the new version, you can apply a text filter to the cards to find the scenes you want.

You can search the entire text of the card, or just the titles, or the tags.


Yes, for those who are tired of working long hours at the computer and want to disconnect from it while continuing to improve the script, we've added the ability to print the cards.

You can specify how many cards to place on one sheet of paper, how to arrange it, and whether you need the colors you've assigned to the cards in the app. The program will then create a PDF file, which you can print, cut along the cutting lines, and lay out your cards on an analog corkboard.

Other improvements

In addition to the large strokes, we have of course made smaller ones:
- an ability to reset all app settings is added (a corresponding button has been added at the bottom of the settings category list on the settings page);
- a word counter for the logline is added;
- interaction with the scroll bars is improved, now they will not jump when you put the cursor past them;
- interface of the character profile is redesigned;
- a panel with additional photos is now hidden until you set the main image;
- a block with parameters for describing the story is added and moved to the beginning of the extended questionnaire;
- when adding a script to the project, the program now activates its script text for further work with it;
- an ability to display the number of words spoken by a character is added in the characters report;  
- an issue with displaying the right panel drop-down button when exiting the dual-panel mode is fixed;
- an issue with changing the project poster is fixed;
- an issue with changing the main character photo is fixed;
- an issue with the appearance of two questions about changing a character's name/location when changing it from the relationship scheme is fixed;
- an issue with the placement of beat text fields when adding them in card mode is fixed;
- an issue with rendering card artifacts when adding new scenes is fixed;
- a crash when undoing the last action after dragging a card from one folder/act to another is fixed;
- cards put into a closed folder are now placed last instead of first;
- an issue with focus (setting cursor) of a selected editor is fixed, so that you don't have to click on it additionally;
- an issue with incorrect behavior when deleting text between two folders/acts in a script is fixed, as well as crashing when trying to undo the last action later;
- an issue with script text corrections on page breaks when exporting part of the script scenes is fixed;
- an issue with editing text at page breaks in dialogues that have an inline note dividing a line;
- a crash when pasting text from the clipboard that contains comments is fixed.

What's next?

The next release will be focused on stabilization. We're going to concentrate on fixing the bugs in the application as much as possible.

Guys, thank you everyone who take part in our great project! Together we create something new and incredibly cool! We appreciate it greatly, friends.

Join our community of users & activate your free access to PRO & TEAM versions of Story Architect! We invite you to download and try all the functions for free and give us your feedback. Let's make the best software for writers together!