Hola, amigos!

Happy first update of 2023! Story Architect version 0.4.0 with motivational innovations comes out today!

Statistics on working with the application

So, the main addition in this version is the ability to monitor your own productivity.

Now STARC will remember how many words you've added today while working on each project and then show you with charts and diagrams how productive the previous week, month and even year has been!

To open the statistics page you need to click the statistics button in the main application menu.

In addition to the history of work in the program you can see your averages, which allows you to understand your rhythm and plan your working hours better.

And users of PRO & TEAM versions Story Architect can see the stats from all devices you work with at once!

Other improvements

For the rest, as planned, we stick to the course on stabilization, so basically this release includes fixes and improvements to existing functionality:

  • in the text document navigator, item colors are now displayed in accordance with the nesting hierarchy;
  • in the text editor, the colors of scenes and folders are now also displayed with consideration of the elements nesting;
  • the crop dialog now allows you to rotate an image;
  • when adding worlds, the "Add to folder" checkbox has been removed, as the worlds are displayed in the list;
  • an ability to use the character name generator in the dialog of adding new documents is added;
  • icons for categories are added to the navigator of world settings;
  • the map of characters' relations and maps of locations and worlds run faster;
  • an algorithm for calculating the line height for different Courier styles is improved;
  • problems with deleting documents are fixed (issues with deleting a document from the Recycle Bin manually, with deleting versions of text documents, as well as deleting documents in the cloud projects);
  • a problem resetting a name generator category filter is fixed;
  • an issue with word/symbol count for acts and folders in screenplays is fixed;
  • an issue with rendering text darkening for focus mode in comics, stage plays, and audio plays is fixed;
  • an issue with identifying character lines coming after remarks for the character lines module is fixed;
  • an issue with loading font settings in user templates is fixed;
  • the correct date of the last change now displays in cloud projects;
  • an issue with synchronization of project document structure is fixed;
  • a crash when a co-author continues working in the project when you switch to another project is fixed;
  • a crash when copying text from a part of a line that is split into separate pages (and also when selecting it in Linux) is fixed;
  • a problem with the pipette function in macOS is fixed;
  • a problem with displaying the application window in some cases in macOS is fixed;
  • typos and misspellings in the interface are fixed;

We appreciate your activity and feedback as always! Together we can create the most valuable and handy assistant for your daily creative work!

P.S. The next update will also be just one major innovation, but I assure you - it will be something crazy!

Join our community of users & activate your free access to PRO & TEAM versions of Story Architect! We invite you to download and try all the functions for free and give us your feedback. Let's make the best software for writers together!