Hello, everyone!

It's time to publish the update of Story Architect 0.4.4. It includes a revamped project backup system, as well as many improvements to stabilize the application.


We understand how important backups are and that's why we put a lot of emphasis on this aspect of the app. That's why version 0.4.4 has evolved the backup system.

You can now set the number of backups that the application will keep. With each backup, a new copy of the current project is created, and old copies that exceed the maximum number of backups for one project will be deleted in order not to clog up the hard drive.

Such backup system is the simpliest, the most clear and effective, and will allow you to forget about the lost changes which earlier, though occasionally, took place.

Saving charts and cards to an image

We also added the ability to save characters, locations, worlds maps, and even cards to an image file.

Now you can save and print all these schemes to hang them in your workplace like a real detective, or to share theis beauty with friends :) By the way, if you do, be sure to tag us on social media and we'll share your creativity with everyone!

Other improvements

And of course, here are some stabilization improvements to the new release:

  • an algorithm for determining locations for auto-complete is improved;
  • an ability to turn off line numbers in the comic module is added;
  • search for the characters and locations in the current script is improved;
  • application behavior when trying to create a project in a folder where the user cannot write data is improved;
  • translation of the application into Telugu is added;
  • an issue with updating the line height of formats that have a custom line height set is fixed;
  • an issue with word and character count in novel statistics is fixed;
  • an issue with pasting scene titles from the clipboard when scene numbers are locked is fixed;
  • several problems that caused crashes when viewing statistics are fixed;
  • a crash in the comic book module when cancelling the last action after pasting the text of the character's lines from the clipboard is fixed;
  • an issue with a single character of a character's name being overwritten in a comic when pasting the text from the clipboard is fixed;
  • an issue with exporting specific scenes is fixed;
  • an issue with updating timing when changing a script template is fixed;
  • an issue with updating translations in some parts of the application when changing the interface language is fixed;
  • an issue with refreshing the size of the dropdown list of formats after turning on/off the beats display mode is fixed;
  • a freeze when selecting text in scene mode in some cases is fixed;
  • an issue with adding an extra act/folder/part/chapter completion block when changing formats is fixed;
  • an issue with defining blocks of character names when generating a script is fixed.

Thank you so much for reporting issues, this helps us a lot in making the app more stable and useful! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, friends!

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