Hello, story architects! :)

Today we publish another stabilization update of Story Architect 0.4.5 with compact mode on board!

Compact Mode

The compact mode was one of the most often requested features by our users since the very first version of STARC.

Modern visual design systems always emphasize the necessity of "free space" in the workspace, the elimination of redundant elements and visual identification through the grouping and separation of elements. And this works fine when there is enough workspace, but when we are dealing with small screens, it turns into a very big problem with constant scrolling up and down...

And to solve this problem, Material Design (the design system on which Story Architect's interface is based) offers an interface flattening feature, which aim is to reduce the vertical indentation between interface elements.

Of course, we didn't just implement it in the standard version, but subjected it to creative rethinking within the objectives of our application and now offer you to try it out!

You can turn on the compact mode in the "Appearance" section of the application settings.

Try it and be sure to share your impressions with us.

Other improvements

The compact mode required a lot of attention and time, as we had to thoroughly work through each screen of the application and test it. Nevertheless, the release of 0.4.5 has gained a few more improvements aimed at improving the stability and usability of the application. This includes the following things:

  • location map icon is updated;
  • the number of items in dropdown lists is increased;
  • scene parameter fields in the script card/text modes are adjusted;
  • quick format bar got the ability to show/hide hotkeys for all text modules;
  • identifying of the character line numbers is improved;
  • line numbers are added to the character line report;
  • synopsis styling for plays is improved;
  • a crash when transferring structure elements in comics, podcasts, and plays is fixed;
  • an issue with creating worlds from a universe map is fixed;
  • a crash when synchronizing offline changes in cloud projects is fixed;
  • an issue with synchronizing script guides is fixed;
  • an issue with creating redundant documents in cloud projects when syncing for the first time in some cases is fixed.

What's next?

Moving on to version 0.5, which will expand Story Architect's universe of features and bring the ability to work with script breakdown, an improved intelligent assistant and the first showrunner tools.

It's going to be very exciting! Subscribe to our social networks, so you don't miss any news! ;)

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