Hi there!

It's been a couple of weeks, and we're back with an update. Story Architect 0.5.1 has a major improvement of the Intelligent Assistant, as well as updates to the stability of the app.

Intelligent Assistant

In the current version, we have completely redesigned the intelligent assistant and rethought the principle of working with it.


Script generation is a cool thing and sometimes a lot of fun, but we all know that the AI can't make up stories better than you can. However, what it can do is to help you with smaller, routine tasks. For example, it can help you create a brief description of a scene, or paraphrase lines in the style of Shakespearean characters.

So we've highlighted a number of small features that can be useful in an author's daily work and put them in a separate intelligent assistant panel.

You can turn the assistant on (and off) by using the magic wand button on the top toolbar. Apart from that, like all auxiliary tools, it is accessible through the sidebar.


In conjunction with the change in approach to using the capabilities of artificial intelligence, we have also changed the approach to the system of credits for the use of AI tools. Now, 1 credit will be spent per 1,000 words processed by the AI helper. At the bottom of the panel, you will be able to see the number of words available for use, as well as the ability to replenish the credit balance.

At the moment, the intelligent assistant is only available in the script text editor module. In future updates, we're planning to embed it in all other text modules as well.

Guys, if you have any ideas how to improve the intelligent assistant to make it even more useful to you - share your thoughts with us, we will be happy to discuss them with you!

Report on characters' lines in the script

Another new feature of version 0.5.1 is a report on characters' lines in the script statistics module.

Here you can see the lines of all the characters or just the ones you select in all scenes of the script, and even export it into xlsx-file to work with it, for example, during the stage of movie editing.

Other improvements

It is worth admitting - the last release was not the most successful in terms of stability. Some innovations have brought problems in the work of previously debugged functions.

But all of these problems have been fixed. The most critical ones were fixed in the 0.5.0a hotfix release, and the rest were fixed in the 0.5.1 release.

We're sorry these problems ever occurred. While the application is very actively developing and growing, such issues may appear from time to time. But we are committed to fixing them as quickly as possible. So if you notice a degradation, or any other problem, please tell us about it right away so that it can be fixed.

So, the new version includes the following improvements and fixes:

  • additional pages with data on characters, locations, and all elements are added to the unloadable xlsx-file with a script breakdown;
  • the algorithm for comparing scene numbers is optimized;
  • character/ location/ world maps can now be moved within the highest level of the project's document hierarchy;
  • it is now forbidden to delete a world map from the project;
  • it is now forbidden to open the bin with deleted files in a separate window;
  • an issue with positioning of the cursor after canceling of the last action in some cases, when the cursor was moving to the end of the document, is fixed;
  • an issue with deleting a single character when pressing the cut text key combination at a moment when there is no selected text is fixed;
  • a crash when renaming a location to a sublocation is fixed;
  • a crash when creating new scenes or deleting current scenes, if scene isolation mode is enabled, is fixed;
  • an issue with automatic text correction on page breaks, which caused extra blank lines to appear in the middle of the script, is fixed;
  • an issue with updating scene parameters when switching between scenes in the script navigator is fixed;
  • a crash when splitting the screen into two, if the statistics module is opened at the moment, is fixed;
  • an issue with loading spelling dictionaries on Windows is fixed;
  • keyboard shortcut handling on macOS is improved (moving to the beginning and end of the line, and removing the word ahead/behind the cursor).

That's all for today, guys.

Have fun and go ahead to try the new version of the app!

P.S. With this update, we're re-launching our promo code StarcAI. If you didn't have a chance to use it, it's time now! The promo code activates 5 credits for working with AI tools and will be valid until the end of May.

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