Today is the new release of Story Architect 0.5.3 and there is a new generator based on artificial intelligence, and many improvements in terms of stability and performance of the application! Here we go!

Character Parameter Generator

We've been thinking about this idea for a long time... back in the days when nobody even heard about neural networks. We imagined this generator as a vast set of predefined values that could be shuffled around randomly to get a random character. But now that we can easily use all the power of artificial intelligence, we can solve this problem in a much more elegant way, and in a much better way, as well.

Yes! The Intelligent Assistant is now also built into the Character Editor! You can use all the standard features of the assistant, plus the ability to generate all the character parameters and even a photo!

To do this, just type the prompt, select the necessary sections of the character profile you'd like to fill in, and click the "Generate" button. After a little thought, the AI will fill in all the necessary fields with the invented values, and you can breathe life into them, if necessary, or completely redesign.

Like most intelligent assistant tools, the character generator is designed to help you activate the creative flow of consciousness and get away from the problem of a blank sheet, not to do all the work for you :)

So experiment, choose, create! And know that the intelligent assistant is always here for you, and always ready to make a brainstorm with you!


In the new version of the application we put a lot of effort into stabilizing and speeding up all the text modules.

So, Story Architect 0.5.3 includes the following improvements and fixes:

  • the ability to display duration is added to the script counter lists;
  • a "Speech" field is added to the character profile to describe his/her speech traits, frequently used words, etc.;
  • user experience when working with scene parameters is improved;
  • the tilt angle of the watermark is corrected to make it more standard;
  • the application works faster when selecting text (especially large blocks of text);
  • the application works faster when changing the text in large documents;
  • a lot of crashes when undoing the last action in comics, plays and audio plays modules are fixed;
  • a problem with saving scene tags when working with scene parameters from the text editor is fixed;
  • an issue with rechecking the spelling of the text in the document when changing the dictionary is fixed;
  • a problem with hidden selection in the Add Documents dialog is fixed;
  • an issue with the application freezing when changing the name of a character in some cases is fixed;
  • application freezing during text substitution in special cases is fixed;
  • an issue with loading drafts from the cloud is fixed;
  • a crash when exporting script breakdown in some cases is fixed;
  • many little things in the appearance of the application are improved.

What's next?

Here's the thing, guys - we got our first contract with a production company, so the next couple of releases will be mostly focused on new project management tools. By the way, if this topic is important for you too, then don't hesitate to write us - let's talk and think together, how we can make the most flexible and convenient tool for big and small teams.

Along with this process, of course, we will be engaged in fixing bugs. Stabilization will again be one of our top priorities in these two releases.

And the third point is the adaptation of the remaining functionality of KIT Scenarist in terms of working with scripts. KIT Scenarist support will be stopped in the end of July, so we want to make sure all the basic tools are adapted and authors can migrate to Story Architect without loss, but instead gaining a lot of new and useful tools.

This is roughly what the plan looks like for the next month, and what comes next... wow... it's breathtaking to think about the future!

We'll be informing you step by step, but for now, download the new version, try it and share your impressions, ideas, suggestions and other comments!

Have a great day, everyone, guys! Hugs!

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