Have a good day everyone!

This time the release didn't keep us waiting! Story Architect 0.5.5 is ready to please you with a lot of improvements in terms of stability of its work. Plus, the new version has got the development of the statistics module for audio performances.

It was TEAM now it’s CLOUD

Before we tell you about the innovations and improvements, we would like to mention one important organizational moment. After the STUDIO subscription appeared, many people had a fair question - how does it differ from TEAM?

The difference here is fundamental - TEAM subscription is personal and gives access to the advanced features of the application, including the cloud service, only to the owner of the subscription. And STUDIO is a corporate subscription, which allows you to connect several employees to one account and all of them will have full access to the application's features while working on studio projects.

To avoid such confusion and to make it clear, we renamed TEAM subscription to CLOUD.

Improving the user experience

If you're new to STARC and got here after working with another program, you'll love the new ability to customize the appearance of the application to fit the style of the application you're used to working with.

At the moment, there are light and dark themes that look like interface of the following programs: KIT Scenarist, Final Draft, Arc Studio Pro, Fade In, Writer Duet, Highland2 and Trelby. If you have any requests for us to customize the interface of any other application, let us know and we will help you with it.

Audio Drama Statistics

The Audio Drama Statistics module has received a major update, inheriting all the available reports and graphs of its big brother, Screenplay.

Now you can get detailed statistical information on characters, locations, scenes and many other components of your podcast in a flash.

To access advanced statistics, all you need to do is double-click on the "Statistics" line in your project's document navigator.

Advanced audio stats are available for accounts with PRO and CLOUD subscriptions.

Application improvements

This section is, as always, dedicated to you, our beloved users!

Thank you so much for your activity! For your bug reports! For your posts on social networks and everywhere else! For the screencasts that you kindly make for us, so that the detected problems are easier to identify, reproduce and fix! Thank you for your help, friends! This is a huge contribution to the future of the project and to your own comfort when working with the application.

Version 0.5.5 includes the following fixes and improvements:

  • the ability to upload script and audio drama statistical reports in PDF format is added;
  • import of DOCX files is improved;
  • an appearance of the user's personal profile is slightly improved;
  • the ability to change the case of selected text is added to the formatting section of the context menu of text editors;
  • a crash when launching the application in some situations is fixed;
  • crashes when working with the title page are fixed;
  • fixed problem with hiding the current project on the start screen with the list of projects
  • a problem with the cursor jumping to a new line when adding a scene title in some situations is fixed;
  • a problem with cloud projects sorting on the home screen after launching the application is fixed;
  • a problem with an extra empty space on the left side of the project list after expanding the app to full screen is fixed;
  • a problem with updating scene numbers in the editors of audio dramas, stage plays and novels is fixed;
  • errors in generating a report with gender statistics are fixed;
  • a problem with recursive renaming of locations is fixed;
  • a problem with sorting order of characters and locations in the script breakdown report is fixed;
  • multiple issues when working with cloud projects when several co-authors are working on a project at the same time are fixed;
  • issues with displaying co-authors' names in the text editor when working simultaneously are fixed;
  • issues with displaying co-authors' cursors in invisible blocks are fixed;
  • application crashes when working with comments and bookmarks are fixed;
  • various problems that caused application crashes during text editing in different text modules are fixed;
  • a crash in the statistics module after switching the active screenplay is fixed;
  • multiple issues with copy, paste, and undo last action in the audio drama, comic book, and stage play modules are fixed;
  • a problem with deleting multiple lines in audio drama, comic book, and stage play modules are fixed;
  • an ability to scroll text line by line using Ctrl+up/down hotkeys is added for Windows and Linux.

Yoo-hoo-hoo! What a ride!

The next release will be the last in the 0.5 branch, it will include some more improvements to the audio drama module, plus even more improvements and fixes for the other modules.

I wish you all to be in a great mood - and let's move on!

Join our community of users & activate your free access to PRO & TEAM versions of Story Architect! We invite you to download and try all the functions for free and give us your feedback. Let's make the best software for writers together!