Hi there, guys!

The release of the updated Story Architect 0.5.6 is coming at you. It features improved AI tools, a list of characters for stage plays and audio dramas, and a bunch of improvements and fixes to make your lives better, friends! :)

Synopsis generation

Starting with version 0.5.6, it is now possible to generate a synopsis for the whole screenplay with the AI Assistant.

Synopsis generation works as follows - the application takes the text of the screenplay scene by scene, cuts out things like character list, transitions, frames, notes on the text, etc. and summarizes them, combining into a text.

This way, in a few minutes, you have a draft synopsis of your screenplay!


The new version also offers the ability to automatically add a list of characters to stage plays and audio dramas.

For this purpose, a corresponding button is added to the toolbar of the title page.

Characters in the list are ordered by the number of lines, so the main characters are located higher, episodic ones are lower. But of course you can always manually customize the list as you need.

Highlighting characters when exporting

We have added the ability to highlight characters and, if necessary, their lines when exporting to PDF and DOCX formats.

Characters are highlighted in the color that is defined for them in the character's card, so you can highlight either one or several characters at once.

Other improvements

And we've also fixed a few bugs and added a couple of improvements to the app. Let's take a look at them:

  • work of the program when deleting large parts of a script/canceling the last action шы optimized;
  • the path to the currently opened project is now displayed in the window header;
  • an option to open a project is added to the context menu of the project list;
  • items of the context menu of the project list and text editor are reordered (the option to split a page is moved to the "Formatting" submenu);
  • "Delete" item is added to the context menu of text editors;
  • an ability to search for screenplay scene participants in blocks is added;
  • an ability to drag and drop images into the gallery from different browsers is improved;
  • import from DOCX files is improved;
  • watermarks are now correctly placed on the bottom layer (printed under the text) when exporting to PDF;
  • white draft color is used when creating new drafts;
  • a problem with the size of drafts on the application start page when the application interface is zoomed in/out in the settings is fixed;
  • a problem with image synchronization is fixed;
  • an application crash when saving a breakdown in case when a screenplay has a location not saved in the project bible is fixed;
  • a problem with displaying synopsis text in capital letters is fixed;
  • a problem with saving and restoring card positions when closing/opening a project is fixed;
  • a problem with rendering of comic book page icons is fixed (when the first page is on the right);
  • a problem with rendering text darkening in focus mode when page elements are turned off is fixed;
  • an application freeze when generating statistics in cases when character names contain special characters (dot, asterisk, question mark) is fixed;
  • a problem with shifting the screenplay text editor to the lower right corner of the window when reopening the program is fixed in some cases;
  • an incorrect rendering of scene colors in the screenplay text editor us fixed;
  • a problem with adding a colon after a character's name in plays when working with the US play template is fixed;
  • a problem with incorrect title page fields is fixed;
  • behavior of the "Save History As" menu item in Windows is fixed.

So here we go. I hope you enjoy the new version of STARC, and we'll take a short timeout and come back at the end of August with version 0.6.0, which will probably have something interesting inside! ;)

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