Hi there, friends!

Nothing sensational today, just the release of Story Architect version 0.6.1, which has become much more stable.

Working on bugs has one unpleasant property - it can't be planned, because sometimes it takes a long time to find a way to reproduce the problem, but it can be fixed in a couple of minutes. Of course, it happens the other way around - the problem is clear, but in order to fix it and not to break the mechanisms connected with it, you have to spend a lot of time and even try different ways of solving it.

And in this regard, we are very grateful to all of you, our dear, involved and patient users! Thank you, friends! By helping us to find problems, by telling us about your experience with the program, you invaluable help us to improve it. To make it better every day, at least a little bit, but better!

So, version 0.6.1 includes the following improvements:

- a check that all fonts required for the application to work are loaded when launching the app is added;
- tooltips for breakdown resources, if their names do not fit the width of the navigator, is added;
- an ability to save scene numbers when importing a script from DOCX documents is added;
- a context menu for screenplay/novel cards is added; it allows you to add elements after the selected card, change its color, delete it, as well as go to the script text module to a selected scene card;
- an interface of the synopsis generation panel is improved;
- the algorithm of automatic "i" correction is improved, and an option for its activation is added in the settings;
- processing of text paragraphs with mixed case of letters is improved;
- the logic of text insertion in text modules is redesigned;
- a problem with script text correction after loading text when opening a project, as well as after canceling/repeating the last action, is fixed;
- a problem with displaying character groups and locations in cloud projects is fixed;
- a problem with loading drafts from cloud service is fixed;
- a problem with a blank paragraph appearing at the beginning of the text when canceling/repeating/synchronizing the last change, which also led to subsequent problems with synchronization of changes made by a co-author, is fixed;
- an application crash when co-author rearranges scenes in collaboration mode is fixed;
- a crash when loading cloud projects after all changes have already been synchronized but not saved in the local copy of the project is fixed;
- an application crash when searching for all characters/locations by text is fixed in some cases;
- an application crash when canceling the last action is fixed in some cases;
- a problem with showing/hiding the show/hide sidebar button when restarting the application is fixed;
- an issue with displaying the icon of a custom resource category in the script breakdown is fixed;
- a problem with deleting resources from the entire script in the breakdown module is fixed;
- a problem with displaying scene colors on the timeline when scenes contain beats is fixed;
- a problem with the cursor jumping to the end of a paragraph when editing a scene title is fixed;
- some typographical errors in the interface are fixed.

Next, we plan to keep moving towards fixing issues and improving the stability of the application's performance one or two releases from now. But, we reserve the right to add something new to the app at the most unexpected moment :)

We'll be in touch, friends, have a nice day!

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