Hi there!

Story Architect 0.6.2 is up and running. It’s become a little bit better. It’s so hard to work on new drafts without adding new features... but it’s OK, we will definitely add some in the next sprint ;)

So, the new version includes the following improvements:
- synchronization of large cloud projects is significantly improved;
- application settings are now saved in the background while the application is running, not only on exit, which will help to avoid the problem of lost settings after a crash;
- the ability to hide/show endings of parts and chapters when exporting a novel is added;
- an algorithm of searching for silent characters in the script text when generating statistics is improved;
- an application freeze when adding an act or a folder in a script, as well as a part or chapter in a novel, is fixed;
- an application crash when exporting a script is fixed in some situations;
- a problem with the AI assistant's performance during intensive prompts is fixed;
- a problem with fonts in the template of a BBC play is fixed;
- a problem with hotkeys for action description is fixed in the play editor;
- a problem with minimizing folders in the project navigator after a double-click is fixed;
- a problem with deleting old backups of cloud projects is fixed;
- the icon for adding the main world photo is improved.

Guys, we also wanted to ask you - if you use Story Architect and you like it, please write a review about us, mention us in social networks, share your warmth! It's fall outside, I want to wrap myself in a warm blanket and cuddle more often... Let's give everyone a hug!? :)

That's all for today. Thanks for your attention, friends, and see you soon!

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