Hello, friends!

Today we have prepared an update of Story Architect 0.6.3 with a new mind maps module.

Mind Maps

Yes! The new version has a new module to help you extract thoughts and structure them!

We couldn't approach the creation of this module for a long time, as it looked complicated and long... in the end it was decided to declare a challenge to ourselves and create its first version in a week.

So that's what we did. And step by step, day by day, we grew the module. On the first day we realized the possibility to add mind maps to the project.

On the second day we created the framework of the module and the basic parts of the user interface.

On the third day a lot of code of the module's internal logic was written and then the first node of the Story Architect mind map was born.

Day four was devoted to the realization of adding nodes, connections and groups to the map, as well as editing node parameters.

Day five was devoted to implementing the ability to customize the parameters of connections and groups, as well as the ability to remove elements from the map.

On the sixth day, we finally taught mind maps to save into and load from the project file, and added the ability to save the map to an image file so that it can be shared with colleagues and friends, or even printed.

Well, the last day was to finalize everything, plus add the ability to use an AI assistant for collaborative brainstorming sessions. Not surprisingly, 24 hours were not enough :)

All in all, it turned out to be a cool module. We will sure develop it further. We will at least add the ability to insert images to the map, as well as automatic layout of the map in the common form of a tree.

The mind map module is fully available in PRO and CLOUD subscriptions.

Other improvements

After the Challenge was over, we had some more time to work on improving the existing functionality and here's what came out of it:

  • each beat is now displayed from a separate line in the cards;
  • a display of part/chapter/scene word count is added in the novel navigator;
  • the logic and checking if the required number of credits is available when generating a synopsis is improved;
  • color selection panel display/hiding is improved in Chrome OS;
  • a problem with synchronization of offline edits when another author made online edits at the same place in the script is fixed (in this case, a separate version of the script with your changes will be created);
  • a problem with words starting or ending with an apostrophe being ignored or added to the custom spellchecker dictionar is fixed;
  • a crash when generating a character photo is fixed;
  • a problem with module editing accessibility after authorization with an advanced account is fixed;
  • a problem with exporting specific scenes in a locked screenplay is fixed.

This is how the new release turned out. We wish you a good day and creative mood. And we're off to meet new challenges!

See you soon, friends!

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