Keep your characters’ names fresh and catchy! Our Character name generator will help you with that.

When adding a new character, in the input field of their name you’ll find a dice icon. Click on it and Story Architect will come up with a name option for you.

And that is not all! You can choose names from a catalog that has a wide range of subcategories. Different nationalities, anime names, Bible names, the ones from Shakespeare's stage plays… You’ll definitely find something that will make your character’s name unforgettably sparkling!

If you right-click on the dice icon, a secondary context menu will be displayed. There you’ll have a list of different options.

Do you remember the times when you had to google different local names for your protagonists? Well, they’re over now. You can explore all the specific names you need just within Story Architect.

Moreover, you can choose whether it is a female or a male name you are looking for. Adjustable and simple, do not hesitate to try this tool.

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