STARC provides many features to simplify your writing routine and work with ideas. One of the most powerful tools is the AI-based smart assistant.

If you don't already have the Story Architect app or downloaded it a second ago, read the instructions on how to install it, as well as how to log in to your personal account.

Among the tools available in STARC AI:
- text paraphrasing
- text expansion
- text shortening
- insert text between two paragraphs
- text summarization
- text translation
- generation of text based on your ideas
- script synopsis generation
- generation of character profile data (description + photo)
- mind map generation

The AI assistant is available in any language. You can use "credits" to activate the intelligent assistant, where 1 credit = 1000 words or 10 images generated by the artificial intelligence.

The panel for purchasing AI credits is located in the personal account. To get there, you need to log in, click on the burger button in the upper left corner on the home page, and then on the arrow next to your name.

On the left side of your personal account, there is a section titled "Credits For AI Tools". After clicking on the "Buy Credits" button, a window will appear with prices: 50 credits for $10 or 200 credits for $30. This path will suit those who want to use AI without having a paid subscription in the app, or for those who want to purchase an additional number of generated words/images in the paid versions.

After clicking on the "Purchase" button, you will be redirected to the payment page in your browser.

At the same time, the paid PRO and CLOUD subscriptions initially include the option to use an intelligent assistant:
- 5 credits for a 1 month subscription to the PRO version (60 for an annual subscription, 120 for a lifetime subscription);
- 10 credits for a 1 month subscription to the CLOUD version (120 for an annual subscription).

Instructions for activating PRO and CLOUD subscriptions can be found here. As mentioned above, owners of paid versions can, if necessary, purchase credits additionally through the corresponding panel in the personal account.

Join our community of users & activate your free access to PRO & TEAM versions of Story Architect! We invite you to download and try all the functions for free and give us your feedback. Let's make the best software for writers together!