Everyone will say that working with the program is much more pleasant when she talks to you in one language. If the program has not yet been translated into your native language, or if you have found that you can improve in the current version of the translation, you can help us add or improve it.

There are just 6 simple steps to join our translators team:

  1. Please visit our translation platform at this link.
  2. Click the "Help Translate "Story Architect" button at the top of the page.
  3. You’d have to sign up for the Transifex site (it's a third-party platform that helps us manage the translation process).
    1. Fill in your username, email, and password fields and click "SIGNUP".
    2. Set up the rest of the fields (if you don't know what to choose in the Department and Job Title fields, we recommend you use Product for Department and Individual Contributor for the Job Title field).
    3. In the next screen click the "Join an existing project" icon and click "Next".
    4. Finally, select the languages you speak and click "Get Started".
  4. After you successfully logged in the service won’t return you to the Story Architect page (which is sad) but you can do it yourself by visiting this link again.
  5. You can now join the team if a language you want to add the translation for exists or request a new translation if it’s not there yet.
  6. After that, we'll accept your request and add you to the translators team so you can make a translation for your native language!

All Q&A related to the context or meaning of phrases for translation will take place in our Telegram chat or Discord channel.